And lives go on until they wither

I talk of lives that gave themselves

to light, serene love, which

go down like dabbling brooks

they hide inside them this light

as the sky reflects into the rivers

as the sun flows in it.

I speak of live that gave their selves to light.


About the little lives that hang

like rubies from the lips of women

like the offerings hang from

the icons, silver hearts

exquisitely humble yet in love

with the lips of a woman

I speak of little lives that hang


The unsuspicious lives

as they silently follow

darkened, foreign, saddened

steps, image of a delicate woman,

who hasn’t sensed them following,

and who will lean onto the earth

and vanish silently: the unsuspicious lives


that vaguely and in doubt passed

like stars of the morning twilight

in the thought of a morning

soul that hasn’t seen its lives

wither slowly just as it ran

joyously yet passed unfettered

lives that vaguely and in doubt passed


Translated by Manolis Aligizakis

From    Greek Canadian Literature