In 2nd century b.C. Herod Atticus founded in Nea Makri, in the Brexiza area (North Eastern part of the former American Base), an Egyptian sanctuary, one of the most important of its kind remained in Greece.

With the initiative of the town’s mayor and the coordinated efforts of the municipality, excavations in Brexiza started in 2000. Up to date an amazing and rare archaeological findings and buildings have been revealed.

There are four large gates oriented to the axe north-south and east-west, but nowadays only two are comlpeted.  In each gate there were one statue of Osiris and one of Isis. Isis is presented with different symbols of Greek goddesses in each gate.

To the western gate she is Aphrodite (Venus) offering roses. Just remember the Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) of Lucius Apuleius. He was living as an ass and as Isis pitied him, she gave him roses to eat. After that he was transformed to a real man, initiated and priest of the goddess.

To the south gate (the gate of the initiated) Isis appears as the Lady of the Mysteries. As Demeter, she offers wheat to the one who attain to approach her.